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Nadya Suleman and the La Habra 14

On January 26, 2009, it was announced that the United States' second set of octuplets was born at Kaiser Bellflower Hospital.  The event was hailed as a modern medical miracle, but as additional information became available, the story surrounding the octuplet birth took a decidedly different turn from the stories of other high order multiple births.

When word spread that the mother of the octuplets was single, unemployed, attending college, had been receiving worker's compensation disability for nine years prior to the octuplet pregnancy, and had 6 children under the age of eight at home, all of whom had been conceived via in vitro fertilization, public opinion turned.

Since the birth of the octuplets, Nadya Suleman has become a staple in the tabloid media.  The story has gone from one of "medical miracle" to that of "public pariah".

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